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 Twin Cities CNC Records 

An independent Record Label.                    

                                                         Limited Liability Corporation              

under the State of MN.                         


 All music published by CNC Records under BMI Music Publishing Co.        


Copyright certificates for our music is issued accordance with title 17,    USA code Copyright Office.                 

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Look forward to the release songs

A relaxation love song titled

 "Baby Can You Hear The Rain" 

A Chicago style Steppers song, dedicated to 

Ralph and his wife Beverly

"Baby Me and You"

Reondo Daivis (stage name Red) single

"Red Lay it Down"

Tyrell's single

"Flame of Love"

Carmina's single

"Boy Why U Playing Game"

Ms. KC single

"I'm not coming Home"


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Twin Cities CNC Records

 would like to thank all

 the artist

 and supporters

 from over the years

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A small Independent Record Label with small cost for developing the professional artist.                               

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 Giving Thanks 

to Wonderful People 

  Ronnie James President                            

@  Nashville Finest:                               

Thank you for taking their personal time this week to share pointers and guidance to ensure things are set up properly for future endeavors.                             

 Liz Collin Anchor Reporter                      

  @ CBS Television Station:                         

Thank you for the emails that              continues  to give encouragement.           

Marc Brattin Entertainment Agent           

@ Face Entertainment:                         

 for sharing information and opening doors opportunities                                   

Yomi Belson Marketing Specialist        

 @ Coastal Records:                                 

A wonderful friend and mentor                                

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We will be launching a Facebook website.                                            

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Music is Our Passion


Committed to discovering the               creativity artist have within                    themselves.                                                


Starting With a Beat


 Experienced in developing artist,  writing, recording, and producing music.                                                  

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The Twin Cities CNC Records

Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States

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Monday - Friday: 11:00am - 2:00pm 

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